I am between sorting about 2,500 images before the end of the weekend so we can get our clients DVDs before we leave for our trip. It’s coming at the woooooorst time. If we hadn’t already booked and paid for everything (and spent HOURS getting those dang reservations) we would not be going. We’re actually cutting our vacation short so we can get back sooner.

So this is just some rambling updates about fun things we have done:

In October, for Ricky’s birthday, my friend gave me extra tickets she had to a Baltimore Raven’s game at M&T Stadium. My husband is a huuuuge Ravens fan so he was so happy that we got to go.

Here’s us at the game:

A panorama shot of M&T Stadium before the game!

Then there was Halloween:

I dressed up as Minnie Mouse to hand out candy. I think that was the only PG rated costume I could come up with, haha! Ricky just stood there, as usual. Too cool for dressing up.

We, like everyone else, were patiently waiting to upgrade our phones to the new iPhone 6+. We both wanted gold, but I wanted 128GB (Ricky said no, so we settled on 64) and he “had” to have 128GB (annoying but it’s not a big deal). I could upgrade mine in September (Yay Sprint for letting you upgrade 90 days early!) and he had to wait until November 2nd. After stalking the availability around us all of October, we were sure we would have to order them online to get what we want. So naturally, on November 3rd, my husband is about to order his phone online and I said, “Let me look one last time…” and SURE ENOUGH! ONE store out of all the stores in our area had both of the Gold iPhone 6+s for our carriers in the capacity we wanted. Like whatttttt? We live near DC so there’s like 30 Apple Stores around but this one was near Arlington, VA. So naturally we drove all the way there! Haha

We literally jumped out of bed, threw on the first clothes we saw and got our phones!! It took about an hour, but here is our first iPhone 6+ picture:

Last weekend, we had a photoshoot in Ocean City NJ and we had to leave the house before sun came up. Ugh, I am such a nightowl so this was painful. whyyyy can’t the day start at noon?!

But the sunrise was gorgeous that day.

Tomorrow, yet again, we have to wake up super early to drive to Georgetown DC for my hubby’s haircut. Usually we going around 11:30-1PM and then have to leave Georgetown immediately after because the traffic back from DC (especially on Fridays) is HORRIBLE!! buttttt we are lucky this time! I think we may go to a cafe? Not 100% yet though.

Whelp, here’s a quick little update. I’m hoping to have some time to write about some more AMWF/interracial marriage specific things soon. Instagram is just sooo addicting though… haha



Life has been very busy lately.

We’ve been doing a lot with my husband’s photography business. We did a promotion on Living Social, which to be honest I wasn’t so pleased with. We wanted to do a boudoir deal for $99. We figured we could book 20ish maybe? It would be a nice chunk of change. However, there were a total of four boudoir deals running on Living Social for the same area, which means we’re competing with them for the same amount of clients. Ugh, so annoying. I wish we could have waited to run our ad until later. One or two for the same deal is fine, but four?! That means no one is going to sell well. Anyways, we decided to turn our basement into a studio, which is actually almost finished. We’re actually meeting with an interior designer on Thursday for a consultation.

I’ve also been busy with work. Finally seem to be getting normal hours again, which means less time for anything besides work, sleep, and helping my husband’s business. I’ve been researching a lot of design stuff as well as boudoir photography. I also got accepted into UMUC, which actually isn’t hard because it’s just an online school, but it is part of the University of Maryland, which is one of the best colleges around. Now I just need to get some financial aid. So, instead of applying for scholarships I’m writing a blog post. Procrastination at its best.

I was certified as a “coffee master” at my store last month. To become a coffee master, you have to read a mini-textbook on coffee, answer questions, sample every blend of Starbuck’s coffee and do a presentation for your district manager and store manager. After passing, I organized a “coffee seminar”, kinda like a mini-lecture on coffee. Our theme was “Coffee Pairings: A Beginner’s Journey”. We wanted this to tie into the “coffee tasting journey” that we baristas go on. I’m also scheduled to do a coffee tasting at our district meeting with all the store managers in the area with one of my coworkers who was also certified with me.  I was kinda excited about it, but two days ago I made a big mistake during an inspection that I think will have my manager really pissed at me. Oh well. It wasn’t entirely my fault, but I was being kinda careless and I should’ve known better. There goes my chance for a promotion, huh?


Nothing too interesting this time, just a bunch of ramblings. We do have a couple things planned over the next week so I will try to post more then.