Studio and miniphotoshoot.


So today I do not have to be at work until 1:30, so I can quickly blog before work. w00t! 

We met with the designer, but it turns out I was working a lot more than we thought and we ended up decorating it ourselves (which is what I wanted to begin with but whatev).


Here is an instagrammed shot.



We have a few pieces to add, which I believe we will maybe tomorrow. But not bad for a start, eh? We did our first shoot in it yesterday and it worked out pretty well. I’m very pleased.


To test out the setting, Ricky and I did a little test shoot. Here is one of them.

ImageIsn’t this awesome?! I’m so in love with it.


It was a lot of fun and I’m really excited to see the other photos from the shoot.


In other news, my two football teams – The Dallas Cowboys and the Baltimore Ravens both won their first pre-season games, so that makes me very happy.

We had lemon curd from Trader Joe’s on toast this morning for breakfast. SOOO GOOD!! Overall, I am in a pretty good mood despite having three hours of training later (blargh) and closing on a Friday.

Since we are getting close to the obon festival, I’m going to do a write-up about it and with my experiences.