the beginning.



hey everyone. This is my new blog. After some feedback, I’ve decided to try this WordPress thang out. So, for now, unless I decide I cannot stand it, I will be posting from WordPress.

My previous blog kind of died down once I stopped being so focused on Japan. It was a great outlet when I needed to just talk and talk about how much I wanted to return to Japan. How much I needed to return to Japan. I wouldn’t say I’m any less obsessed, but I’m settling into my life back home.

It’s weird. I couldn’t imagine life without my connection to Japan and now I’m doing very little in connection with it. *sigh* But, I have been accepted into UMUC (University of Maryland University College – an online school) and I do plan to study Japanese and Political Science, but I need to also study Mandarin Chinese because my husband is from Taipei, Taiwan and his native language is Mandarin. I know some basic words and my sister-in-law lives in the US, my father-in-law is a Tour Guide so they both can speak English, but my mother-in-law cannot speak much. I feel like it’s the proper thing to do^^

My plan is to make this more personal than my previous so I will update about whatever. I promise I will try to keep politics out of it though 🙂

So, here is to new beginnings.

Our wedding day.

I hope you will join me on this journey.