Mid Autumn Festival Vlog

Hello Everyone!

So now I have created my first vlog on Youtube!

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Shopping in NYC♡♡

Hello everyone! Long time no see (^_^)

I recently typed an entire post about an award I was given and I clicked somewhere and lost the entire draft. UGH. So I will try to re-do all of that again^^

Recently I was able to go to New York City for five days with my husband. It was so much fun! We got to do a lot of shopping because we didn’t have to pay for a hotel. I wanted to share with you some of the stuff that I got^^

Things from Super Dry, Kinokuniya, Hollister (I know, I know), and MoMA!
A beautiful white skater skirt from Hollister! and this adorable and super warm white hoodie from SuperDry! It’s actually a British brand influenced by Japanese street fashion and we visited their NoHo Flagship store. Lately my husband has started to love it, so we’ve started shopping there a lot! It has “Osaka” written on the back which makes me giddy because I love Osaka but unfortunately have only been stuck inside 関西国際空港 (Kansai Kokusai Kuukou, or Kansai International Airport) during the immediate aftermath of the Tsunami/Earthquake.
P1020566 P1020568
Next was Kinokuniya, a three story Japanese bookstore in NYC! It has a cafe and lots of manga/anime in the top level and the bottom is mostly magazines, stationary and textbooks for learning. I got an AWESOME! Sailor Moon t-shirt. Have you watched Sailor Moon Crystal? Oh my gosh, it is lovely♡♡♡ I wasn’t able to watch that much Sailor Moon as a child, but I did have Sailor Moon dolls! So cute! Ricky also got a shirt that says stuff about “Original Sakura Romancing” and a shop name. I don’t know. He said it was cool so I’ll roll with it, haha

I also got a Hello Kitty Plushie in a cute kimono. It’s a special KawaiiJapan x Hello Kitty collaboration! And also a 10-pocket Rilakkuma Folder with a “space theme”. Soooo cute!!!!
P1020571 P1020575
Last, we were able to go to MoMa!! This picture turned out kind of blurry but meh. It’s fine^^ We got a SoHo/Prince Street Station magnet and also some postcards from our favorite artist. It was so amazing and we were lucky that a lady gave us two free admission tickets! She said she didn’t need them so we saved $50!


Next post, I will share some photos from my instagram, which, by the way, if you don’t follow me, please do! I am also going to start making videos now that I’ve found my Lumix camera and upload them to my youtube channel.

As always, thank you for reading!