「SAYONARA ITSUKA」+ feelings♡

I was off today, so this morning we woke up (late as usual x_x) and mowed our backyard and cleaned our basement because we had an interior designer come over to look at our basement. We’re going to make a plan to go shopping at IKEA and a few other places for the pieces. I’m really excited to get it done because the husband said I will be his first subject in our new studio. oho ho~!

I snapped the following picture a couple days ago when we were setting up our futon. Took sooo long. But now it’s coming together.


Once we met with the designer, we went to our bank and then the liquor store and picked up some Peach Twisted Tea (mostly for me, so I have something to drink when he has a beer), some Redd’s Apple Ale (Ricky has been wanting to try it for awhile), the new Parrot Bay frozen drinks, and a bottle of Strawberry Moscato that I found for under $10.



We came home, opened two bottles and sat outside on our deck and listened to the Kane show on the iHeart Radio app. Considering how hot it has been lately, it was so refreshing to just sit outside and chill in weather that won’t kill you. さっぱりしました♡ I recently started watching “SUMMER NUDE“, the new drama with Yamashita Tomohisa (aka Yamapi, a former member of my favorite Johnnys group NEWS). I watched first episode and it has really made me wanna just barbecue and chill every day.

snThis ad is just so cuteeee! hehe.


Tonight Ricky suggested we got to the movie theater to see a movie, but I suggested that we be cheap and watch a movie on Netflix. After looking and looking, I reminded him he chose the last two movies so it was my turn. I say it was my turn, but I suggested a movie and he got to say if he’d sit through it. We ended up watching 「SAYONARA ITSUKA」 and drank the entire bottle of Strawberry Moscato. After it was done, we watched the first episode of “House of Cards”, the new Netflix show with Kevin Spacey set in Washington. It’s crazy, because we live less than an hour away and we’ve never taken even a day trip to DC!!! We’ve only been there a couple times for photoshoots and to Georgetown (still DC but a much different feeling than downtown) when we go to get his hair cut at the Japanese Salon. We need to do that soon.


I had a rough day recently at the bux that just reiterates that I do not want to be stuck working there forever and that I really want to be respected by others, and I think I need to be more aggressively demanding that respect. There is only so much I can take. However, every good feeling is met with a bad one and now I’m trying to figure out what to do since I missed the FAFSA deadline and now I’m not sure if I can afford to take classes this fall. *sigh* Life. I will get there though. I have to.





Life has been very busy lately.

We’ve been doing a lot with my husband’s photography business. We did a promotion on Living Social, which to be honest I wasn’t so pleased with. We wanted to do a boudoir deal for $99. We figured we could book 20ish maybe? It would be a nice chunk of change. However, there were a total of four boudoir deals running on Living Social for the same area, which means we’re competing with them for the same amount of clients. Ugh, so annoying. I wish we could have waited to run our ad until later. One or two for the same deal is fine, but four?! That means no one is going to sell well. Anyways, we decided to turn our basement into a studio, which is actually almost finished. We’re actually meeting with an interior designer on Thursday for a consultation.

I’ve also been busy with work. Finally seem to be getting normal hours again, which means less time for anything besides work, sleep, and helping my husband’s business. I’ve been researching a lot of design stuff as well as boudoir photography. I also got accepted into UMUC, which actually isn’t hard because it’s just an online school, but it is part of the University of Maryland, which is one of the best colleges around. Now I just need to get some financial aid. So, instead of applying for scholarships I’m writing a blog post. Procrastination at its best.

I was certified as a “coffee master” at my store last month. To become a coffee master, you have to read a mini-textbook on coffee, answer questions, sample every blend of Starbuck’s coffee and do a presentation for your district manager and store manager. After passing, I organized a “coffee seminar”, kinda like a mini-lecture on coffee. Our theme was “Coffee Pairings: A Beginner’s Journey”. We wanted this to tie into the “coffee tasting journey” that we baristas go on. I’m also scheduled to do a coffee tasting at our district meeting with all the store managers in the area with one of my coworkers who was also certified with me.  I was kinda excited about it, but two days ago I made a big mistake during an inspection that I think will have my manager really pissed at me. Oh well. It wasn’t entirely my fault, but I was being kinda careless and I should’ve known better. There goes my chance for a promotion, huh?


Nothing too interesting this time, just a bunch of ramblings. We do have a couple things planned over the next week so I will try to post more then.

the beginning.



hey everyone. This is my new blog. After some feedback, I’ve decided to try this WordPress thang out. So, for now, unless I decide I cannot stand it, I will be posting from WordPress.

My previous blog kind of died down once I stopped being so focused on Japan. It was a great outlet when I needed to just talk and talk about how much I wanted to return to Japan. How much I needed to return to Japan. I wouldn’t say I’m any less obsessed, but I’m settling into my life back home.

It’s weird. I couldn’t imagine life without my connection to Japan and now I’m doing very little in connection with it. *sigh* But, I have been accepted into UMUC (University of Maryland University College – an online school) and I do plan to study Japanese and Political Science, but I need to also study Mandarin Chinese because my husband is from Taipei, Taiwan and his native language is Mandarin. I know some basic words and my sister-in-law lives in the US, my father-in-law is a Tour Guide so they both can speak English, but my mother-in-law cannot speak much. I feel like it’s the proper thing to do^^

My plan is to make this more personal than my previous so I will update about whatever. I promise I will try to keep politics out of it though 🙂

So, here is to new beginnings.

Our wedding day.

I hope you will join me on this journey.